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Toward Relational Public Services Conference

Recent presentation held at Northumbria University for the 'towards relational public services conference.' 

Towards Relational Public Services

Cultivating Outcomes Through Engagement, Learning And Systems.

This conference looks to explore where a relational turn might lead academics and practitioners and how it might confront growing challenges in public finances. The four conference streams explored insights and innovations from policy, practice and academia to inform a dynamic conversation about the future of public service.

Build a Better Troop

Exploring the innovative research designed to assist your vocations success.

Academic Level Research

Tapping into a multitude of different research methods and analysis.

Stakeholder Analysis 

Grounded research to better identify the needs of your users. 

Stakeholder Management

Building your Stakeholder Tree to help you target clients, users, and benefactors better.


Troop is an innovative personal research journey. This is a attempt to assist individuals and organisations that often face limitations in accessing reliable research. Troop is specifically geared towards supporting those involved in the voluntary, vocational, and third sectors. Leveraging expertise in areas such as public consultation, heritage, construction, academia, and healthcare, Troop aims to identify and engage relevant stakeholders for project development. With a comprehensive understanding of media dynamics.

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