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User Centred Dojo

The User Centred Dojo is all about a group of people getting together to practice skills in a safe space. This group is focused on learning user centred design skills across the digital scrum sphere. BA, UR, UX, PO, etc. are invited to learn more about the digital tools which are carving out our future. 

User Centred Dojo February 

This session looked at analysis techniques for research. This session covered user journeys, thematic analysis, affinity mapping, and affinity discourse analysis.

User Centred Dojo - December 2023

A new community in the North East where all roles come together to learn & practice design and meet new people. A community-run experiment that invites enthusiasts from all levels. 

The first session focused on exploring the utility of low-fidelity prototypes and understanding their diverse applications in design expansion

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